Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia Project

The Government of Nepal

Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia Project

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The World Bank

Project Coordination Unit             
National Trust for Nature Conservation



The main objective of this project is to improve the effectiveness of wildlife and habitat conservation in the countries participating in this project by addressing key regional threats, such as wildlife trade and habitat management in critical boundary areas.

The long term vision of the regional program is to stabilize and, if possible, increase the population and habitats of critically endangered animals in Asia. Since wildlife and habitats cross administrative boundaries and because knowledge and capacity vary widely across and within countries, a regional approach is needed to address cross-border issues, build synergies, share skills, knowledge and experiences and build regional collaboration for the conservation of critical habitats and ecosystems.


The project would apply a two -pronged approach : (i) capacity building to address the illegal wildlife trade through regional cooperation: and (ii) habitat protection and management to generate regional conservation benefits and address the human-wildlife conflict, thereby ensuring the conservation of flagship species such as the tiger, snow-leopard, rhinoceros and elephant in increasingly fragmented habitats .