Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia Project

The Government of Nepal

Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection in Asia Project

Supported By
The World Bank

Project Coordination Unit             
National Trust for Nature Conservation


Implementation Arrangements

The main responsible agency for the implementation of “Strengthening Regional Cooperation for Wildlife Protection Project” is the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation (MOFSC) and its two departments namely Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) and the Department of Forest (DoF) to implement their respective project components.

National Project Steering Committee: The NPSC is chaired by the Secretary of the MOFSC and will include members from all relevant implementing agencies (DNPWC and DOF), Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, World Wildlife Fund, a representative from a Conservation NGO, a representative from UNDP and a Bank staff member as an observer. The main responsibilities of NPSC are to review project implementation, to provide oversight policy guidance and approve the project’s annual work plan and budget;

Project Management Committee (PMC): Under the National Steering Committee, there will be a Project Management Committee (PMC), co-chaired by DGs, DNPWC and DoF, including DDGs of DNPWC and DoF, CD of WWF, ED of NTNC and other invited guests. The main responsibilities of the PMC are to make management decisions related to project implementation, submit annual programs and budgets to NPSC for final approval and guide the PCU in the implementation of the approved activities.

Project Coordination Unit (PCU): For implementation of the project, the project co-ordination unit (PCU) is established. The PCU will be responsible for the day to day implementation of the various components, which will include both technical and fiduciary responsibilities and will be housed at the premises of the NTNC. The PCU is responsible for the implementation of approved plan as well as financial management decisions independently within the financial powers delegated to the PCU under the “Delegation of Financial Powers for Development Projects” issued by the GON and NSC. NTNC has necessary staffs and services to the PCU for the effective implementation of the project. Core staffs of PCU consist of a project manager, project coordinator, finance/disbursement officer and a procurement officer to handle the fiduciary responsibilities.

Field Implementation Units: Field Implementation Units (FIUs) are headed by the respective Chief Wardens of (i) the protected areas (PAs) in Parsa WR, Chitwan NP, Banke NP, Bardia NP and the Suklaphanta WR; and (ii) the DFOs of the corridors and connectivity (Kanchapur – Laljhand, Kailali – Basanta, Bardia – Khata, Banke – to Sohelwa, Dang, and Chitwan – Barandabhar). The responsibilities of the FIUs are: to prepare annual project activities and to prepare proposals for the Window 2 in close coordination with DNPWC and DOF and PCU, and to implement approved project activities in coordination with the PCU.