• Global Tiger Day 2021 celebrations with Prime Minister

    Accompanying the Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister were also national leaders and foreign dignitaries together with nature lovers and conservation stakeholders, celebrating the extraordinary role of tigers in shaping biodiversity and wild spaces, together making a recommitment for their future conservation across generations


  • NTNC and Green Climate Fund sign Accreditation Master Agreement

    Signing of the agreement officially authorizes NTNC to access and mobilize financial resources directly from the GCF opening the way forward to transform Nepal's climate goals into concrete actions.


  • NTNC's appeal to you this World Environment Day

    We appeal to you to make a decision to 'Adopt-an-Animal' at the Central Zoo. More than ever it matters now...

  • Man-eater tigers in Bardia brought under control

    Three killer tigers in Bardia National Park that have taken among ten human lives and caused widespread terror in the last nine months have been brought under control this past one month. (updated: 07 April 2021)

  • Prime Minister and his spouse launch NTNC's 'Adopt an Animal' campaign

  • First sightings: Snow leopard visually recorded for first time in Gaurishankar Conservation Area

    After seven months of camera trapping in Lapchi valley, NTNC-GCAP has confirmed the physical presence of the Snow leopard (Uncia uncia) for the very first time in Gaurishankar Conservation Area (GCA). 

  • On the road to become the first country to double its tigers

    This is the third national tiger survey in Nepal, and the most recent numbers are absolutely impressive of Nepal’s wildlife conservation status

  • 33% of the total Protected Area directly managed by NTNC

    Preserving the Natural Heritage in Nepal for over three decades by balancing nature and people, environment and economics to achive high quality of life

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