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As a leading conservation-focused organization in the country with major influence in both local and national development, the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC) is committed to a culture that promotes the highest sense of ethics and integrity, both organizationally and professionally. We recognize the merits of instituting transparency and accountability, which are key to building and maintaining public dialogue and trust, increasing public awareness about the organization and its works.

As a critical element for enhancing good governance, greater accountability and development effectiveness, we are committed to a working culture of openness and for promoting engagement with stakeholders and the larger public, which in turn will help improve the design and implementation of projects and policies, and strengthen the outcomes of the organization. We encourage public oversight of the organization’s operations, which can assist not only in exposing potential wrongdoing and corruption, but also in its ability to identify and address problems and learn about opportunities early on.

This section comprises of NTNC's own policies, procedures, and guidelines that have been prepared keeping in mind the legal regulations of the Government of Nepal, together with our own values of ethics and integrity that aim to foster greater transparency, accountability and responsibility overall.

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