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14 Jun, 2021

Minister for Forests and Environment Hon. Mr. Narad Muni Rana and State Minister Hon. Ms. Aasha Kumari B.K. visited NTNC's Central Office today to meet with NTNC's senior management team. Discussions covered critical aspects concerning biodiversity conservation and protected area management, NTNC's ongoing research initiatives, and immediate institutional challenges in the face of Covid-19.

NTNC's Chairman and Member of National Planning Commission Hon. Dr. Krishna Prasad Oli officially presided over the meeting in which a team from the ministry led by Secretary Dr. Pem Narayan Kandel along with Joint Secretary Dr. Buddhi Sagar Poudel were also present. 

NTNC Member Secretary Mr. Sharad Chandra Adhikary in his address made known NTNC's ongoing initiatives to the visiting ministers who recently took office this past week. A presentation about NTNC's overall project and programme coverage, its conservation vision for the country, and the institution's financial and human resources being increasingly tested by the Covid-19 situation was shared by NTNC Programme Manager Dr. Naresh Subedi. 

The Hon. Ministers and Secretary conveyed assurance of the ministry's support for NTNC at this critical hour of crisis. Acknowledging NTNC's role as a specialized institution of the government vital for promoting conservation research and innovation, the ministry reiterated its commitment for enhanced cooperation and collaboration in the coming days. 

Hon. Minister Rana shared his readiness to learn about existing concerns and roadblocks being faced by NTNC, and his willingness to expedite necessary policy and regulation reforms to overcome past indecisions. He said, "on behalf of the ministry we are committed to ensure that nature conservation initiatives and science-based roles are central to Nepal's prosperity agenda."