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16 Dec, 2022

Nepal's Dr. Krishna Prasad Oli, NTNC Chairperson, has been elected to the Vice-President of the newly formed World Peasant's Association. Inception and designation to the global peasant organization was made yesterday at about 17:00 hours (Nepal local time) by the 7th Meeting to the Preparatory Committee for the First International Congress of the World Peasant's Association held in Senshan Health Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. 

Among other sessions and decisions, the congress has set up the constitution, the executive committee, the secretary general, and the scope of work of the World Peasant's Association. The initiative said it is vying to be the principal institution working on behalf of the peasants of the world for their collective progress and prosperity and for the betterment of humanity. Over 40 countries took part in the congress, which also saw many virtual participants.

Vice-President elect, Dr. Oli, who is presently Advisor to the President of Nepal on Natural Resources and Environment, and is also Chairperson of the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), delivered the keynote speech during the landmark undertaking. Saying that farmers were backbones of human and global development, during his address he stressed on three important areas for agriculture development in the 21st century -- the need for international agriculture modernization and technology transfer, sustainable food production and safeguarding global food security, and increasing small-to-medium farmer's incomes and competencies, especially in developing countries. He said that the initiative was to be seen as an optimization opportunity, humanitarian responsibility as well as justice issue to be met out to the peasants of the world.