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13 Jan, 2021

Hon'ble Prem Bahadur Ale, Minister for Forests and Environment (MoFE), made his first visit to the NTNC Central Office in Khumaltar today since assuming office recently on 25 December 2020. He was accompanied by the MOFE Secretary Dr. Bishwa Nath Oli together with other MOFE officials. 

Receiving the Hon'ble minister, NTNC Member Secretary Mr. Sharad Chandra Adhikary made a welcome and briefing, following which a presentation providing insights about NTNC's current overall projects and programmes was made by the NTNC Executive Director Dr. Siddhartha Bajra Bajracharya.

MoFE Secretary Oli, who is also a member of the NTNC Governing Board of Trustees, brought to attention the need for continuing to rationalize NTNC's expertise as protected area managers within Nepal's provincial and local-level governments. He shared that "as an organization positioned to become a center for excellence in the future, it is important that NTNC out-of-the-box solutions," especially in relation to the financial fallouts from the coronavirus pandemic on its existing projects and programmes. 

In his briefing to the Hon. Minister, NTNC Member Secretary emphasized about the institution's 39 years of experience and learning in the field of conservation area management and zoo management and maintained about the "important role of leadership to materializing this unique knowhow and resources for benefiting Nepal's conservation status further." NTNC's recent accreditation to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) was made known including its potential for opening future avenues for international collaboration and local benefit in the areas of climate finance and sustainable development. A priority for furthering NTNC's governance and integrity standards was also made known.

Expressing satisfaction of his first introductory visit, Minister Ale said that he was looking forward to learn and better understand and support the Trust in its endeavors. He said, "I am becoming more aware about the role of NTNC as a primary national-level conservation stakeholder, its important contribution in realizing the nation's vision of a "Prosperous Nepali, Happy Nepali", and am willing to do as much as I can to help develop new prospects or remedy existing projects that have been adversely affected by the pandemic." 

Following this, Minister Ale also visited the Central Zoo where a tour and briefing session was organized.