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29 Mar, 2018

A conflict causing male tiger has been successfully rescued by authorities from Parsa and Chitwan National Park with the technical support from the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC-BCC). The rescue operation was undertaken on March 27, 2018 in Ramauli-Pratappur village of Makwanpur district.

Only one day earlier on March 26, 2018 the same tiger had attacked and killed a local resident and injured two others by the banks of the Rapti river. The rescue operation was undertaken after local authorities from the area reported cause for alarm. After being tranquilized the following day the tiger was brought to the enclosure in Chitwan National Park head office in Kasara.

The rescue team has also collected samples and measurements while conducting brief health checkup. Preliminary findings indicate physical injuries due to a likely clash with another tiger, possibly in a territorial dispute. Authorities will closely monitor the tiger with the supervision of wildlife veterinarians and release it back into the wild once it recovers physically.