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28 Nov, 2018

A male tiger has been rescued from the Raptidoon Community Forest in Shukranagar area of Chitwan. The tiger was responsible for a death of a local woman who was reported to have been cutting grass for fodder in the forest when the incident took place. The woman was attacked and killed at around 8:30 in the morning on August 06, 2018. Responding to the situation, a rescue team of veterinarians and technicians from NTNC-BCC and Chitwan National Park (CNP) were deployed. Upon arriving at the scene, the tiger was spotted near the dead body, already having consumed parts of victim’s scalp and hind parts. The tiger was darted at around at 15:30 hrs. Physical examination reveal that the tiger is an old individual with its upper left canine missing. He also had some minor injuries which is very likely caused from a fight with another tiger.

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The conflict tiger was later tallied with the tiger images in the tiger library of CNP. It was identified to have been captured in the camera traps of Sukhibhar area during the National Tiger Survey of 2018. The tiger was identified as 'MT09'. Similarly during the same period, two other tigers (MT08 & MT10) were also captured close to the same area. darknet markets 2024 Being in such close proximity with other males and due to its ripe age, MT09 was possibly pushed out from his territory. The images of National Tiger Survey also revealed injuries in his face, clear indications that this particular tiger was in constant competition with other tigers.

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