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The Central Zoo premises in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur will be open to the public from tomorrow December 10. The decision to reopen the premises after almost nine months of total closure has been made following the Government of Nepal's decision to gradually ease restrictions of important public spaces and utilities that are able to demonstrate sufficient capacity for strict adherence of the government's Covid-19 safety protocols.

Besides following the government's Covid-19 safety standards related to temperature monitoring, hygiene, sanitation, compulsory masks and physical distancing, the NTNC-Central Zoo management will also be implementing further safety checks. Some of these include: Restriction on daily visitor volume flow between 700 to 800 visitors inside the zoo premises at a time; further each individual visitor will be permitted to stay in the premises only upto one-and-a-half hours; visitors will not be allowed to carry food inside the zoo premises; and appropriate visitor distancing from animal enclosures will be followed. 

Shortly an online zoo ticketing management system is being piloted for public implementation so as to minimize physical interaction as much as possible, while ensuring that the general public are able to access the country's only national-level zoo in the country.