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Local communities have a direct hand in developing guardianship of natural resource systems and actualizing conservation targets. Especially at NTNC, where we see them as principle actors and beneficiaries, community success is very much reflective of our overall conservation success. Successful community development is a holistic process that requires continuous engagement and understanding of community-specific aspirations, rigorous collaboration and mobilization of resources, and initiating and developing capacity for locally-sound solutions. Ultimately they ensure a model of incentive on the part of the local community.

One of NTNC's greatest advantages lies in its long history of working relationship and established trust at the grassroots. Through the creation and strengthening of specific local and community-based institutions we help develop capacity and social support systems for rural households and families in a multitude of areas, including day-to-day matters all the way to providing them with the enabling environment that takes scope for personal as well as collective development aspirations. From community institutional strengthening, all the way to developing sustainable rural infrastructure related to drinking water supply and irrigation, sanitation and waste management, heritage support, or through other social services related to health and education, gender and child-support, NTNC helps to champion conservation action from the ground up.