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Developing local leadership is reflective of conservation success. Today's conservation requires new ways of problem identification, decision making, planning, execution, monitoring and review that actively engages women and socially excluded groups in all stages. Such meaningful engagement means developing leadership right across disregarded groups that equip them with rights and responsibilities for equitable benefit sharing and decision making processes.

Recognizing the crucial role of women and marginalized communities in safeguarding natural resources, NTNC reinforces the stewardship of women, locals and marginalized groups in the wider conservation communities to improve both environmental and social outcomes. NTNC emphasizes on boosting women and local leadership as an important component for conservation interventions to crystalize attributes of conservation leaders by institutionalizing local groups, engaging them in conservation and development interventions particularly in natural resource management, tourism and entrepreneurship, conservation education and community development. This leadership approach enables communities to be more effective in achieving positive results and making a difference in conservation. By creating an enabling environment for participation, inclusivity and change we help develop GESI champions who act as change-agents both on the ground as well as within the organization.