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21 Jul, 2022

Mr Siddhartha SJB Rana, a notable businessman and philanthropist of Nepal, made a courtesy visit to the National Trust for Nature Conservation central office where an introduction and exchange event was organized in the company of the NTNC chairman Dr Krishna Prasad Oli, member secretary Mr Sharad Chandra Adhikary, together with the NTNC senior team.

Appreciating Mr Rana's conservation legacy and his passion for wildlife and nature, in his remarks, the NTNC member secretary shared his admiration of Mr Rana's father, the late Prabhakar SJB Rana, who was among NTNC's founding board members. The member secretary also acknowledged Mr Rana's initiative to fund a PhD level snow leopard research, being presently pursued by an NTNC researcher at Wageningen University, Netherlands.

Besides being the highest individual income tax payer in the country, Mr Rana is also a member of the NTNC-UK Chapter.

At the talks, Mr Rana expressed his eagerness to see the revival of some of the old NTNC international chapters, expressing his willingness to participate and build cooperation in the priorities set by NTNC. Sharing about his conservation experiences outside of the country, he praised Nepal's international goodwill in nature conservation, and added that with the right kind of vision and leadership, many more opportunities and gains for conservation could be made for Nepal's benefit.

Appreciating the businessman-philanthropist, NTNC chairman Dr Oli said he looked forward to materialize on some of the ideas discussed. Dr Oli insisted that the support and kinship of important personalities with a broad outlook and having a marked legacy in Nepal's conservation story would be vital for NTNC to capitalize on its unique capacities and ambitions.