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28 Nov, 2018

Marking the first NTNC field visit since taking office, yesterday on May 08, the Hon. Minister for Forests and Environment (MoFE), Mr. Shakti Bahadur Basnet visited NTNC’s Shuklaphanta office, also known as the Shuklaphanta Conservation Programme (NTNC-SCP). The visit comes at a time of the Minister’s monitoring of the Shuklaphanta National Park (ShNP) area. Accompanying the visiting team were also the MoFE Secretary Dr. Bishwanath Oli, Director General of Department of Forests Mr. Krishna Acharya, Secretary of Province No. 7 Mr. Sudhir Koirala, Acting Warden of Shuklaphanta National Park Mr. Gopal B. Ghimire, Colonel of Bhabani Box Battalion Mr. Deepak Bhandari, Buffer zone Management Committee President Puskar B. Singh among others.

Facilitating the Minster and his team, the NTNC-SCP Chief Mr. Anil Prasai acknowledged about NTNC’s invaluable role in enabling the park’s conservation resources, sharing about both its strengths and areas of focus in the coming days. The Hon. Minster Mr. Basnet, who is also the Chairman of NTNC advised devising problem solving measures "with a sense of purpose and direction," focusing also on the tourism development of ShuNP.