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22 Oct, 2020

The Central Zoo in Jawalakhel received a donation amount of NRs 1 million from the Lalitpur Metropolitan City today on October 22. At a small event organized the Mayor of Lalitpur Mr. Chiribabu Maharjan handed over a cheque to the Central Zoo's Programme Manager Dr. Chiranjibi Prasad Pokharel. Among officials present was also the Chief Administrative Officer of LMC Mr. Bishnu Prasad Koirala. The fund will be spent on food and diet-related expenses for animals at the Central Zoo. 

Speaking at the event, Mayor Maharjan said that the donation was aimed to provide little respite for meeting the zoo's basic operation costs that have been severely affected by Covid-19. "We recognize the need for taking greater measures to support the zoo in the coming days, and that more than ever, building local collaboration and support systems in these critical times will be important."

On an average yearly expenses for managing the Central Zoo amount to in excess of NRs 150 million, the bulk of which include costs related to meeting daily dietary requirements of  captive animals and ensuring their proper care, nourishment and health. Presently the Central Zoo houses 110 species and a total of 1068 animals. 

Under normal circumstances, the zoo's management expenses are mostly funded through visitor entry fees. This has not been possible lately with the zoo being closed to the public since over seven months.