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21 Feb, 2019

NTNC- Manaslu Conservation Area Project (NTNC-MCAP) has been conferred with the Award of Honor for its contribution in promoting tourism in the Manaslu region. On the occasion of the prestigious 10th Gorkha Festival, the former President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav felicitated the recognition to the Project Chief of MCAP, Mr. Narendra Lama. This year an Inter-Province Agriculture, Tourism and Trade Fair is being organized as part of the festival by the Gorkha Chamber of Commerce and Industries from between December 19-29, 2018.

Although among the lesser popular trekking routes in the country, tourism numbers in the Manaslu Conservation Area (MCA) has been steadily rising year by year. The number of tourists during the last fiscal year in 2017-18 (BS 2074-75) increased to its highest record to-date, with 7,203 tourists as compared to 5,745 in 2016-17, and 2,288 in 2015-16.

Full of natural highs for avid trekkers, the Manaslu region is also home to the 8th highest mountain in the world, Mt. Manaslu (8,163 metres), and is a paradise of landscapes, cultures and wildlife. It is made up of two famous valleys—Nubri Valley to the west, and Tsum Valley to the east—and it adjoins the famous Annapurna Conservation Area from the Larkey Pass (5,420 metres) trek, which is a highly rated trek among international trekkers. The region's high wildlife diversity is also home to the elusive snow leopard.

NTNC-MCAP's role in the sustainable tourism development of the region has been very close to it from the onset. Through continuous support in establishing and diversifying tourism-related services—homestays, campsites and shelters, upgrading of trail infrastructure, heritage and accommodation services, alternative trail and destination promotion, implementing waste-management support systems, building local tourism entrepreneurship capacity and skills, among others—MCAP works hands-on with the community to offer the best experience for its tourists, simultaneously also engaging closely with government and policy for the region's overall development. From the two Visitor Information Center and Tourist Check Post at Sama and Jagat, it ensures tourist regulation, information dissemination, safety and rescue operations.

Besides managing the region's natural heritage, some of MCAP's recent works in developing the Rubinala alternative trekking route, the trail upgrading works undertaken in Gampool and Bur areas that lie on the main trekking trail of the Larkey Pass trek, as well the institutionalization of hotel and accommodation facilities in the high altitude pass areas, is seen to have had significant impacts in enhancing tourist experience.