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27 Jul, 2022

Hon Pradeep Yadav, Minister for Forests and Environment, visited the Central Zoo yesterday evening for his first official meeting with the NTNC chairman Dr Krishna Prasad Oli. Taking part in the meeting were also the MOFE secretary Dr Pem Narayan Kandel, NTNC member secretary Mr Sharad Chandra Adhikary, together with the NTNC senior team.

Interactions began with a brief presentation introducing NTNC's work within Nepal's protected area management context and the institution's mandate to develop science-based approaches and community-led values together in advancing Nepal's conservation agenda. This was followed by briefings and discussions about some of the immediate areas of opportunity and challenge.

NTNC chairman Dr Oli elaborated about how the impending conservation area management challenges being faced in the Annapurna and Manaslu regions were hindering NTNC's capacities and requested urgency for resolution with the Hon Minister and the MOFE secretary. Dr Oli also made known about new initiatives being developed by NTNC for advancing Nepal's capacity to combat climate change, expand molecular lab research, wildlife disease diagnosis and treatment, provision wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facilities, and promote green development opportunities.

Acknowledging NTNC's unique institutional status and its close support to the government, the MOFE secretary Dr Kandel said that a resolution to the conservation area management obstacles being faced by NTNC were to be expected soon.

Hon Minister Yadav expressed his appreciation about NTNC's role in mainstreaming nature conservation for the nation's prosperity and shared his commitment to remedy existing policy gaps and regulation difficulties being faced on the ground. The minister said that as a policymaker he was willing to do his part to ensure a timely resolution.

NTNC member secretary closed the meeting by thanking the minister and secretary for their time and commitment and expressed his encouragement of the meeting proceedings. 

The meeting concluded with a specially curated zoo tour organized for the high-level guests.