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28 Nov, 2018

After four days of progressive discussions and exchange, NTNC’s annual Programme Management Conference concluded successful yesterday on August 23, 2018. The closed-door event saw the coming together of the Trust’s top management, including the Governing Board of Trustees, Directors, Programme Mangers and Project Chiefs from across its seven working areas to take lead on matters most pressing and urgent for the institution.

Targeted to critically reflect and evaluate project performance as well as develop future improved intervention strategies, the event is a remarkable opportunity for cross learning, consensus and capacity building. The third day of the event, scheduled as a ‘Knowledge Sharing Forum’, was made up of guest speakers and experts from varying disciplines related to conservation—from the Social Sciences, Nature-based Tourism, Climate Change, Leadership and Transformation, Species Conservation and Digital Communications. Final day of the conference was invested wholly on the holistic building of the NTNC Strategic Plan (2019-2023) that is currently in preparation.

As NTNC’s most important internal annual event, throughout the four days, new ideas and strategies were explored and engaged from varying perspectives and disciplines, all with the aim of bettering NTNC’s conservation performance and impact across the country.