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Wildlife Stockpiles Management in Nepal


"Vultures provide an important ecosystem service by maintaining an environment free from animal carcasses. In Hindu mythology, a vulture is said to be the carrier of God Sani (Saturn)..."

The fishing cat is globally threatened (Vulnerable, Mukherjee et al. 2016) and nationally  Endangered  (Jnawali  et  al.  2011).  As  a  habitat  specialist  with  high  dependency  on  wetlands,  fishing  cats  have  a  discontinuous  distribution  throughout  their  range.  In  Nepal,  they  occur  in  the  Terai  region  but  their  actual  distribution  is  not  well  understood.  They  have  been  reported  before from Chitwan National Park NP (Dahal &  Dahal  2011)  and  Koshi  Tappu  Wildlife  Reserve  WR  in  Central  and  Eastern  Terai  respectively.  In  Western  Terai,  they  were  recorded  from  Shuklaphanta  NP  (DNPWC  unpublished  data)  and  Jagdishpur  reservoir  (a  Ramsar  site;  Dahal  et  al.  2015).

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