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18 Nov, 2019

Under the lead of NTNC's Chairman, Hon. Shakti Bahadur Basnet, Minister for Forests and Environment, the 58th Governing Board of Trustees meeting took place today on 18 November 2019, at its Central Office in Khumaltar. In attendance included Trustees: Dr Bishwa Nath Oli, Secretary, MOFE; Mr Kedar Bahadur Adhikari, Secretary, Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA); Mr Ram Raj Regmi; Dr Giri Raj Tripathi; Mr Shambu Dangal; Mr Saral Sahayatri Paudel; Ms Meena Kumari Neupane; and Mr Yajna Nath Dahal, NTNC Member Secretary, including NTNC’s Executive Directors, Dr Siddhartha Bajra Bajracharya and Mr Deepak Kumar Singh.

The key agenda coming into the meeting was to enable discussion and resolution about immediate steps to be taken, that will help enhance NTNC's quality of institutional governance, ethics and integrity to higher standards. As part of the meeting the Board took thorough review and retrospect of NTNC's existing policy documents, identifying underlying needs and measures for readying other policy-level documents necessary to guide the institution's overall governance.

Currently, NTNC is in the process of accreditation to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)—one of the most ambitious funds of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), that seeks to help better direct climate finance to developing countries. Critically reviewing the progress made to-date in the GCF accreditation process, the Governing Board has instructed NTNC's management to dedicate the highest priority to ensuring that the task at hand is met with success.

58 Board Meeting
Governing Board of Trustees

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