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18 Mar, 2021

Three problem tigers in Bardia that have been the cause of terror among local communities for the past several months have been captured and taken under control. In the space of the last one month a team of wildlife technicians and experts from NTNC, DNPWC, Divisional Forest Office, together with the Nepal Army have successfully captured the problem tigers from Bardia National Park area—the most recent capture being from Gaidamachan area on April 04  after a tiger had killed an elephant mahout who was part of the ongoing national rhino count 2021.

So far ten persons have been killed from tiger attacks in Bardia in the past nine months, plus one in neighbouring Kailali, out of which these tigers are suspected to have taken the lives of some seven to eight persons along with devouring scores of livestock. These we know from the camera trap monitoring records we had started to gather from about three months ago. 

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While the tigers captured from Gaidamachan (on April 04) and Khata (on March 18) were observed to be relatively healthier, the tiger captured from Geruwa Rural Municipality-4 (on March 17) was found with its canine teeth broken along with damages in its claws—usually signs of serious fighting between two male tigers looking to establish area dominance.

"Generally the reason injured tigers resort to killing local people and livestock, is when they are no more capable of preying on wild species," says NTNC's senior researcher and Programme Manager Dr. Naresh Subedi. "However for some of these healthier tigers, we are yet to better ascertain the underlying causes that would have motivated their non-natural behavior." 

This fiscal year, between mid-July 2020 and April 2021, four problematic tigers have been rescued from Bardia National Park and its surrounding forests. Apart from the one tiger that escaped from Banke, the latest man-eater tiger to be captured will be kept at the NTNC-Central Zoo in Jawalakhel, while two others are being housed at the Bardia National Park's rescue facilities in Thakurdwara and in Rambapur.

** This content was first published on 18 March 2021 (Updated on 07 April 2021)