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02 Nov, 2022

Ten captive white-rumped vultures, transferred from the Vulture Conservation Breeding Center in Kasara to the release aviary at the Jatayu Vulture Restaurant in Pithauli seven months ago, have been released in the wild yesterday on 01 November.

The vultures were released in the presence of Mr. Ajay Karki, deputy director general at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Dr. Naresh Subedi, programme manager at NTNC, chief warden of Chitwan National Park, divisional forest officer of Nawalpur, ward chairperson, buffer zone user committee chair, among other stakeholders.

Vultures released to-date
Released Date  Total Released
Nov 09, 2017 6
Sep 17, 2018 12
Oct 19, 2019 13
Nov 08, 2021 8
Mar 25, 2022 10
Nov 01, 2022 10
Total 59

NTNC has been supporting the vulture breeding since the establishment of the Vulture Conservation Breeding Center (VCBC) in 2008. The center was established and is operational with the joint collaboration of DNPWC, NTNC, BCN, RSPB/SAVE and ZSL.

Including this a total of 59 vultures have been released in the wild to-date. The ten remaining vultures at VCBC will be moved to the vulture release aviary soon.